Selecting songs by performer

There are a number of Query options that come with Paloma.  Select "Songs by Performer" from the menu.  (If you don't see this menu option, you must have forgotten to run the define_ext program when you installed Paloma.  Re-read the INSTALL document.)
You'll get a window prompting you to enter a performer name:

Type in the performer, or press F2 to pick the performer from a list.  Then click "OK" to build the playlist.  (As with any other query, you can also click "Build".  The only difference is that Build doesn't close the query window.  I need to rethink this interface.)

Up comes your playlist--all the songs in your collection performed by Frank Sinatra!

Now that you have a playlist, you can begin at the top and play all the songs in alphabetical order, or you can (more likely) click the "Shuffle" button and play them in a random order.  You can also adjust the order directly by moving songs around with the mouse, or you can export the entire list of songs to a directory hierarchy somewhere for playing by a separate program.  In the future, there will be additional options here as well, like sorting them into a particular order, adding or removing columns, combining with a different query, and/or saving this playlist for posterity.